5 Benefits of Health & Safety Training During the Summer

5 Benefits of Health & Safety Training During the Summer

Sometimes, completing training means taking workers off the line, which can slow production, or halt it completely – all of which can be costly to your company. However, training is important and valuable, and aims to prevent workplace accidents and fatalities. Regardless of the cost of training, the cost of not training could be far, far greater.

Summer is a great time to complete health and safety training. It affords benefits unique to the season that you may not experience at other times during the year. Learn five of the benefits of utilizing the summer time to complete training below!

Benefits of Summer Training

1. Shut Down Periods Free Up Workers for Training

For organizations who mandate shut down periods, the question of what to do to maximize employee time is usually answered with either paid time off or forced use of vacation days. Why not use the summer shut down to bring employees in for training? The production lines are down, so employees are available for some classroom sessions. With less impact on output, training won’t be neglected in favour of production.

2. Shut Down Periods Mean You Can Take Advantage of Machines Not in Use

If you need to complete machine-specific training, nothing beats hands-on! However, at most times, the machines are doing what they were meant to do, and are in use. Shut-down or reduced-capacity summer schedules may afford you the opportunity to use an idle machine for training or demonstrative purposes, or to complete some in-house evaluations!

3. Vacation Time Makes Class Sizes Manageable

If your workforce is large, it might seem unmanageable to envision training everyone at once. When workers take vacations over the summer months, you could schedule training throughout the summer to reduce class sizes. You can still train everyone, but in more manageable, smaller groups, over a few weeks or months. Training is also a great way of winding down before a long vacation or shut down period, or a great way to get back into the swing of things when you’ve returned from well-deserved time off.

4. Flexible Start and Finish Times

Does your staff operate on summer hours? The best thing about training in the summer is that it gives you the flexibility to train when it works for you. Early-leave Friday afternoons? Break a full day course across two Friday mornings! Do workers take a reduced lunch break and leave a few minutes early? An in-house training program won’t disrupt this, or any other summer schedule that your organization employs.

 5. Workplace Inspections and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

While completing a JHA or a workplace inspection isn’t necessarily training, it’s a great learning opportunity, and it can be completed without interrupting work processes more easily during the summer. Involving employees in inspections and hazard identification can increase understanding and reinforce learning. Sitting in a classroom and discussing hazard identification and the intricacies of the JHA is part of standard safety training, but adults learn better and retain lessons more efficiently when they can put what they’ve learned to practical use. What better way to make use of summer shut downs or slowdowns than to allow workers to inspect the manufacturing floor and identify hazards that may go unnoticed during peak production! OSG offers Workplace Inspection and Hazard Audit Consulting, GAP audits, and many other Consulting Services that may help your workplace during the summer season.

Use the Summer Months to Train with OSG!

Summer is the perfect time to focus on health and safety training. Let us come to your workplace to deliver engaging training sessions. Or, cool off in one of our twenty classrooms, located all over Ontario. View our course calendar now for courses running near you this summer!

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Written by Jennifer Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator


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