Alltrade Industrial Contactors Inc.








Company Name: Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc.
Description: Multi-trade construction company
Industry: Construction
Number of employees: 150+
Phone: 519-590-4765

Courses taken with OSG:

  • Train-the-Trainer Day
  • Various applicable Train-the-Trainer titles

About Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc.

Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc. is an industry leading multi-trade construction company. They deal primarily in contract construction work. Their Health & Safety-Compliance and Training Manager Karl Ritzmann has described his biggest health and safety challenge as getting unionized employees properly trained and then maintaining their training records. OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs have allowed Karl to train workplace trainers so that he can offer more training sessions at his workplace, on his schedule, and with the convenience of his workers in mind.

Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc. is this month’s health and safety champion because they are using the training they received from OSG to reach more workers throughout the company, and ensure that they are in compliance with applicable legislation. Mr. Ritzmann states that, in addition to enhancing his health and safety program, he also appreciates “all of the help and service from his dedicated client relationship manager and the OSG training staff.” Since their Train-the-Trainer sessions, Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc. has been able to increase safety culture in the workplace by ensuring that all workers across the company are trained, compliant, and putting what they’ve learned into practice on the job site. In addition, since Karl’s workplace trainers can deliver effective health and training session, he can put his focus on maintaining accurate training records and effectively managing his company’s health and safety program.

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