August 2017 Review: Ministry of Labour Blitz Results

August 2017 Review: Ministry of Labour Blitz Results

The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) schedules blitzes and initiatives every year that aim to make workplaces safer. The blitzes and initiatives are scheduled in specific sectors and are meant to ensure that both the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act are being followed. As well, blitzes and initiatives enhance employer awareness of their responsibilities and their role in keeping employees safe on the job.

Electrical Hazards on Construction Sites Across Ontario Blitz Summary 

Blitz Date:

November 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Blitz Goals:

  • Raise awareness of safety hazards when working near live electrical power lines and/or electrical equipment
  • Ensure workplace parties are complying with the law
  • Prevent injuries that could arise from unsafe work practices

Blitz Results:

The MOL conducted over 1100 field visits to 998 workplaces. Some of the workplaces were visited more than once.

Total Orders Written:


Total Stop Work Orders:


Top Five Violations Resulting in Orders:

  1. PPE violations (excluding fall protection) – 240 orders; 95% were related to safety hats
  2. Fall protection equipment violations – 161 orders
  3. Lack of emergency procedures – 75 orders
  4. Notices of project – 73 orders
  5. Electrical hazards – 72 orders

Violations Resulting in Stop Work Orders:

  • 23% related to missing or inadequate guardrails
  • 17% related to scaffolds
  • 13% related access to stairs
  • 5% related to general equipment condition
  • 5% related to general housekeeping
  • 3% related to electrical hazards
  • 3% related to excavation and wall stability
  • 31% related to undisclosed causes

Blitz Conclusions:

Based on the above results, the MOL concluded that employers need to be more vigilant in complying with PPE requirements on construction sites, including fall protection requirements. The MOL will continue to enforce safety requirements for working on or near electrical systems, equipment, or installations.

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