OSG Safety Champions

OSG prides itself on celebrating clients who embody the spirit of what it means to be a Health and Safety Champion. We celebrate our Health and Safety Champions in our monthly Be Safe Newsletter, and we feature them on our website.

Who are OSG Safety Champions?

Our Health and Safety Champions do more than just attend and complete our OSG courses. They take what they learn and go back to their workplaces and drive positive and lasting changes. Our Health and Safety Champions are active in the improvement of safety policy and programs at their work. They are not only concerned with compliance; they strive to create an overall safety culture. They don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk! They lead others in their industry by setting the safety standards bar high – then they encourage and help colleagues and peers reach that level of safety excellence.

What does it take to be a Safety Champion?

If your company has taken OSG training and used what they learned as a platform for changes and improvements, then you are an OSG Health and Safety Champion! We want to hear about the changes you made, and how you apply your training in order to continuously improve your program. You may request a survey from your Client Relationship Manager, fill one out below, or you may be randomly selected. Each month, we choose one outstanding Health and Safety Champion to be featured in the Be Safe Newsletter. We also feature your company on our website. Our Health and Safety Champion page is a directory of stellar health and safety-minded companies. We link to each company’s website and contact information, too. Anyone searching our site for the safest companies to do business with, will be directed to our Health and Safety Champions’ contact information.

Think you have what it takes to be a Health and Safety Champion? Click here to submit a survey.

Note: We appreciate all submissions, but we do only contact the featured Health and Safety Champion for the month.



ALLTRADE-Logo-90Alltrade Industrial Contractors

Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc. is an industry leading multi-trade construction company. They deal primarily in contract construction work. Their Health & Safety-Compliance and Training Manager Karl Ritzmann has described his biggest health and safety challenge as getting unionized employees properly trained and then maintaining their training records. OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs have allowed Karl to train workplace trainers so that he can offer more training sessions at his workplace, on his schedule, and with the convenience of his workers in mind.

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Hilton Niagara Falls / Fallsview Hotel & Suites

Hilton Niagara Falls/Fallsview Hotel and Suites is Niagara Fall’s premiere accommodation. Located in the heart of Niagara Falls, it is the tallest all-suite tower in Canada. The hotel boasts three signature restaurants, two lounges, two cafes, full room service, fitness amenities, and a pool with a three-story high water slide. The Human Resources Specialist, Jessica Castelli, has described her biggest health and safety challenge as keeping 1100 staff, with an average of 400 new staff each year, trained. Jessica told OSG that “We hire over 400 new workers each year, and our biggest challenge is training. It is so important that workers understand the hazards in their roles, and have the knowledge required to [stay] safe.” To remedy the problem, Jessica now effectively uses training to increase safety awareness. She ensures that management is trained in applicable OSG Train-the-Trainer titles, and has noted that when her leaders receive excellent training it helps to increase health and safety awareness for all workers.

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Pollard Enterprises Ltd.

Pollard Enterprises Ltd. is an industry leading roofing and sheet metal company. They deal primarily in flat roofing and sheet metal. Their health and safety manager, Marco Serra, has described his biggest health and safety challenge as maintaining his training records. To remedy the problem, Marco now effectively uses the JHSC training he received in OSG’s JHSC Part 1 and JHSC Part 2 Certification training in order to keep the health and safety program in his workplace better organized.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.00.41 AM

Nortex Roofing Ltd.

Nortex Roofing Ltd. is one of Ontario’s largest and most innovative roofing companies, specializing in all types of roofing systems, including inverted single-ply cold and hot applied, solar reflective, green, and ultra-violet resistant roofing. With a long history in commercial, industrial and institutional roofing – they now employ over 200 employees, many of whom speak English as a second language. Their health and safety manager, Felix Da Costa, has described his biggest health and safety challenge as overcoming language barriers and hurdles.

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Keg-logo-blackThe Keg Steakhouse and Bar

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar is a high-end restaurant, with locations all over Canada and the US.  They are well-known for the best steaks in town, and nothing beats their Keg special: juicy prime-rib coming off the grill at a perfect medium rare. The Corporate Training Manager, Chantel McPherson, has described her biggest health and safety challenge as keeping all 8000 staff members trained on, and safe from, slip, trip, and fall hazards.

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logo_cmi-small-blue1 (1)

Combined Metal Industries

Combined Metal Industries (CMI) is a successful full-service metal distribution and recycling corporation. Since 1996 CMI has deal in both ferrous and non-ferrous markets across North America. CMI is proud member of both ISRI (Institute of Scrap Metal Recyclers) and its Canadian counterpart, CARI. Most recently CMI has been invited to be part of ISRI’s Circle of Safety Excellence.

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