Be a Safety Champion!

Bello Metal Recycling is the Health and Safety Champion for the month of November 2017!


Company Name: Bello Metal Recycling

Description: cold briquetting and ferrous and non-ferrous bundling of metal turnings

Industry: Industrial scrap metal

Number of employees: 17


Phone: 519-972-8334


Courses taken with OSG:

  • JHSC 1 Committee Certification
  • JHSC 2 Committee Certification
  • Safe Operation of a Lift Truck


Bello Metal Recycling safety tip: Educate yourself and read up on your industry. Safety is a right, and we are all accountable.


About Bello Metal Recycling:

Bello Metal Recycling is a successful full-service metal recycling plant in Windsor, Ontario that specializes in cold briquetting of metal turnings. They deal in briquettes and ferrous and non-ferrous bundles. Their Human Resources Generalist, Khloe Mikhail, has described the biggest health and safety challenge at Bello Metal Recycling as not having an active Joint health and Safety Committee (JHSC) and that most workers were not aware of their rights. To remedy the problem, Khloe sends workers for JHSC training and certification in order to help workers develop an understanding of hazard recognition, assessment, and control, rights and responsibilities, how to interpret the legislation within the Act, and to ensure they know their rights and the rights of employees. She says that after completing JHSC training, she was able to implement a health and safety policy and program that included monthly workplace inspections carried out by the JHSC.

Bello Metal Recycling is this month’s health and safety champion because they are using the training they received in OSG’s JHSC certification program to identify current and potential safety hazards in the workplace. As well, Khloe has noticed that workers are taking workplace safety more seriously and embracing a positive safety culture after completing training with OSG. In addition to increasing the safety culture in the workplace, Khloe is helping to foster a more active JHSC. She believes that all workers have the right to safety, and that everyone shares in that accountability.

For more information on Bello Metal Recycling, please visit them on the web at

Completing an OSG health and safety training course automatically makes your company a champion. However, if your company wishes to be featured in OSG’s Be a Champion feature, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager to request a survey.

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