Be a Safety Champion!

DSV Solutions Inc. is the Health and Safety Champion for the month of December 2017!


Company Name: DSV Solutions Inc.

Description: Transportation and logistics services and solutions

Industry: Transport and Logistics

Number of employees: 600


Phone: 4226-378-3304


Courses taken with OSG:

  • JHSC 1 Committee Certification
  • JHSC 2 Committee Certification
  • GAP Audit (Health and Safety Program Assessment)


DSV Solutions Inc. safety tip: Keep the safety conversation open and ongoing! 


About DSV Solutions Inc.:

DSV Solutions is a supplier of transport and logistics services and supply chain solutions. They operate globally in over 80 countries, spanning six continents, and servicing thousands of companies. DSV Solutions has a global reach, but they also have a local presence. Rodolfo Chacon, General Manager of the London, Ontario, Canada facility prides himself on the close relationships he’s formed with his local clients.

Rodolfo has described his biggest health and safety challenges as a lack of general safety awareness and an active safety culture in the workplace. Rodolfo believes that general awareness and safety culture buy-in are the keys to understanding risks and taking them seriously. To remedy the problem, Rodolfo enlisted OSG’s consulting services to have a health and safety assessment completed. He used what he learned from the assessment to develop an effective health and safety program at DSV Solutions Inc. He also trained and certified his JHSC members to ensure that they are effective in identifying and controlling hazards.

DSV Solutions Inc. is this month’s health and safety champion because they are using the training they received in OSG’s JHSC Certification courses to make better recommendations for continuous improvement. They also use their health and safety training to maintain an active safety program and positive workplace health and safety culture. The DSV Solutions Inc. management Team empowers workers by strengthening the Internal Responsibility System, making all workers accountable for their safety, and the safety of others. Rodolfo also describes an ongoing conversation surrounding safety at work, and how all workers are encouraged to take part. Using what they learned in training, Rodolfo says that his JHSC members now inspect the workplace monthly, and meet quarterly to make recommendations. The result of their efforts is tangible: DSV Solutions Inc. is reporting lower incident rates and increased productivity.

Completing an OSG health and safety training course automatically makes your company a champion. However, if your company wishes to be featured in OSG’s Be a Champion feature, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager to request a survey.


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