Benefits of Online Workplace Health and Safety Training

Benefits of Online Workplace Health and Safety Training

Learning from a book offers very little to an employee or employer. With our online software, you’ll be greeted by customized graphics and a streamlined approach to the learning process. Our online videos are some of the highest rated in the industry, and we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars creating these videos so that they expertly communicate important safety standards, health guidelines, and potential risks that can be found in the workplace.

On the fence about online learning? You’re not alone. Many people are unfamiliar with this learning style. Here’s why our online courses are so highly rated.

High Quality Content Conforms to All Legal Standards

The content included in each video conforms to legal standards and guidelines. We’ve thoroughly researched the safety standards of WHMIS and other Canadian workplace laws. When you complete an online training session, you’re immediately provided with a certificate of completion. This official certificate can be publicly displayed to show any auditors or inspectors that you’ve received the necessary training.

Real World Videos Solidify the Learning

One of the most attractive features of our videos, and one that many of our customers have thanked us for continually, is the inclusion of real world videos embedded into the learning process. Let’s face it. There is only so much that can be learned from reading words on a page. Until an employee or an employer is able to see safety standards, hazards, risks, and other important topics in action, the knowledge learned in a safety training program is simply theoretical. Our videos provide real-world knowledge, examples of hazardous situations, and visual complements to the content included in each video.

Online learning is the educational style of the future, and we’re sure that you’re going to recognize the many benefits of learning with our top-rated online system.

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