The Benefits of Train-the-Trainer Programs

The Benefits of Train-the-Trainer Programs

With so many training options available to employers, Train-the-Trainer programs are often overlooked. Employers may tend to shy away from Train-the-Trainer programs as they initially appear more expensive, or they worry that no one in their workplace will be comfortable delivering training to their peers.

A simple shift in thinking can change the way that Train-the-Trainer programs are used in your workplace. Instead of considering a Train-the-Trainer program costly, think of it as a valuable investment in both the employee who receives the training, and the workforce who will benefit from in-house training.

Consider the following benefits when considering booking an OSG Train-the-Trainer program:

1. Trainers Benefit from Training Delivery Instruction

All of our Train-the-Trainer titles have a full day prerequisite that focuses only on effective training delivery, so your workers will be comfortable delivering training back at the workplace upon completion. Workers taking Train-the-Trainer will receive instruction on the topic, and also strategies for effective training delivery. For maximum benefit of our Train-the-Trainer programs, work experience is advised.

2. Train Workers Anytime, Anywhere

When you have a workplace trainer, you can train on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. Do you have a midnight shift? No problem! Book training during regular shift hours, and have your workplace trainer deliver it. Perhaps you wish to keep your production running during training, and want to train smaller groups. Instead of paying to have a trainer come back several times, train as many or as few people as you like, as often as you like, using a dedicated workplace trainer.

3. Free to do Other Tasks

Administering a successful health and safety program takes time. It is important that proper training records are maintained, that recommendations are followed up on, and that professional health and safety training and development is continuously taking place. In addition, many health and safety administrators have many duties that are not part of health and safety, but that drive the success of the organization. Having a competent workplace trainer on staff and on hand to deliver training frees your time so that you can focus on running your company’s health and safety program.


Listed above are only a few of the many benefits to utilizing Train-the-Trainer programs within your organization. Once your workplace trainer is trained, they will be able to purchase training materials from our online bookstore. They will also have access to applicable learning resources. And as always, OSG will be here to offer ongoing support.

To learn more about Train-the-Trainer programs or health and safety training, call 1-800-815-9980 to speak to a Health and Safety expert or view the different programs we offer below.