Green Book Holder Setup Instructions

The Green Book Holder allows you to secure and display your Green Book easily. Once you've ordered and received your Green Book Holder, you're ready to set it up. The whole process takes less than two minutes!

Green Book Holder (clear plastic), Allen key and retractable cord laid out on table

What You’ll Need

Clear plastic Green Book Holder being places onto health and safety board

Part 1: Secure The Green Book Holder onto your Health and Safety Board

  1. Insert four pushpins into your Health and Safety Board
  2. Place the Holder on top of the push pins and gently pull the holder down until all pins are flush against the top of the holes in the Holder
Green Book with Retractable Cord Attached and Clips on Cord - upper clip labelled A, lower clip labelled B

Part 2: Attach The Green Book to the Retractable Cord (optional)

  1. Use the Allen key to release the end of the cord from Clip B
  2. Loop the cord through the hole in the upper left corner of The Green Book
  3. Insert the cord back into Clip B
  4. Using the Allen key, secure the cord by tightening the screw in Clip B

Note -  You can loosen the screw in Clip A to extend the length of cord to work with before looping it. Be sure to tighten the screw once you've extended the cord enough. Only loosen one clip at a time. Otherwise, the cord will retract fully into the white compartment.

Green Book being inserted to Green Book Holder

Part 3: Secure The Green Book

  1. Remove the paper from the adhesive
  2. Stick the white compartment onto the top-centre of The Green Book Holder
  3. Slide the Green Book into the Holder, spine-first, from the left, to avoid damage to The Green Book

You're done!

If you're not sure what else you need to include on your Health and Safety Board, you can buy the template.