Classroom vs. Online Health & Safety Training

Classroom vs. Online Health & Safety Training

Classroom Health & Safety Training

The Good: Our instructors are hand picked for their knowledge, enthusiasm, personality, and above all their ability to bring the subject to life. Lets face it, learning about any topic, especially safety, could be boring if the teacher doesn’t put the effort into making it interesting. In an OSG classroom expect the trainer to bring the class to life by illustrating the topic with personal experiences and anecdotes. Also expect him or her to set individual and group challenges to check and reinforce understanding. Audience participation, questions and feedback are key to the success of our classroom training. But the learning process is very effective. Our students leave the course with a real passion and enthusiasm for the subject.

The Problem: Because learning takes place on a given day, in a specific classroom, with an assigned trainer, restrictions are placed on everyone, provider, trainer and attendees alike. Time and a venue must be available and set aside for the class, each must attend the location on that day and then everyone has to take the course together. All this can be expensive and inconvenient. Even finding a class on a specific topic at a convenient time and place – especially for those who do not live in a big city – can make life really difficult, especially if the training is needed in a hurry.

If only there was a way to get that training as you need it on your schedule and at your own convenience.

But wait, there is!

Online Safety Training

The Good: Our online courses have been designed using the experience gained from almost 15 years experience in teaching these subjects in our classrooms. But they are not just PowerPoint presentations. First we research the regulations that apply in each Province, Territory, and Federal jurisdictions. Then the course is designed from scratch, a script is written and custom photographs and videos are shot in realistic industrial situations. All of this is done under the stewardship of a Subject Matter Expert to ensure that our material is accurate and interesting. Finally the quizzes and final tests are incorporated and the program loaded onto our Learning Management System (LMS). The benefit to you is that you can learn the subject at your convenience, at home or in the office – all you need is a PC with a good Internet connection. There is no travel time and expense and you can receive the knowledge you need in hours without waiting for a scheduled class.

The Problem:Creating online courses is expensive and time consuming – think $50,000 and 3 months for a one-hour course done to our exacting standards. So we cannot provide the sheer variety of courses online than we can with a classroom-based course. And lets face it you don’t get the benefit of the interaction with the instructor and the other students in class.

Answer: As the saying goes – it’s horses for courses! If you are able to schedule and reserve the time to attend one of our classes you will have a wonderful learning experience. You will meet people –other attendees and the instructor on the course – who will help you to gain a full understanding of the topic. But on the other hand if you are busy all the time, yet must study a topic as soon as you can, online training is for you. What many of our clients do is to implement a Blended Learning solution and do some courses online, like Ladder Safety and Workplace Violence and Harassment and do their Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification or Forklift Training either at our facility or have us come to their location and do the classroom training and practical evaluations for each participant.


Your choice!