Combined Metal Industries

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Company Name: Combined Metal Industries
Description: Scrap Metal Wholesale/Recycling
Industry: Recycling and Distribution
Number of employees: 250
Phone: 416-743-7730

Courses taken with OSG:

  • JHSC 1 Committee Certification
  • JHSC 2 Committee Certification
  • Safe Operation of an Overhead Crane
  • Overhead Crane Train-the-Trainer
  • Safe Operation of a Lift Truck
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Combined Metal Industries safety tip: Health and safety is about CULTURE + PEOPLE!

About Combined Metal Industries:

Combined Metal Industries (CMI) is a successful full-service metal distribution and recycling corporation. Since 1996 CMI has deal in both ferrous and non-ferrous markets across North America. CMI is proud member of both ISRI (Institute of Scrap Metal Recyclers) and its Canadian counterpart, CARI. Most recently CMI has been invited to be part of ISRI’s Circle of Safety Excellence. Their Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Wendy Sanche, has described the biggest health and safety opportunity at CMI as keeping training up-to-date, relevant and interactive while the business experiences rapid growth and expansion. To address the opportunity, the EHS Department has implemented a software program that tracks training for all staff and proactively sends reminders before training is due. CMI invests in its workers and Supervisors by providing  JHSC training and certification even if they are not members of the JHSC. CMI feels that this will help everyone develop an understanding of hazard recognition, assessment, and control, rights and responsibilities, how to interpret the legislation within the Act, and conducting efficient and effective job hazard analyses.

Combined Metal Industries is proud to be this month’s health and safety champion because they are using the training they received in OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs to train smaller groups more frequently. This method of training allows for flexibility and greater frequency and higher engagement taking into consideration 24/6 production schedules. Training flexibility ensures that all workers receive proper training that does not just meet but exceeds current legislation. Wendy states that, “Our Leaders have a greater awareness of their roles and responsibilities, and they perform duties with more confidence. Developing in-house trainers raises the level of awareness, which decreases the likelihood of accidents.” Since completing JHSC, Overhead Crane Train-the-Trainer, Lift Truck, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods training, CMI leaders have noticed an increase in the number of team members taking on the responsibility of conducting training. This investment is in line with the personal growth of the worker and the overall growth of CMI. In addition to coordinating health and safety training with OSG, the team at CMI remains committed to implementing IT solutions to ensure that no worker is left untrained as the company continues to grow and employ more talented people. By using OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs and implementing software solutions, CMI is able to maintain accurate training records and effectively manage CMI’s health and safety program.

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