Effective JHSC Committee Benefits

Having an effective Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is an often-overlooked key component in an organization’s overall success strategy. What are the benefits of having an effective JHSC? There are benefits for all parties:

  1. A better attitude toward solving workplace health and safety issues;
  2. Stronger working relationships between workers and management across multiple departments;
  3. When workers on the committee participate in the process of recognizing, assessing and controlling workplace hazards, their coworkers are more likely to adopt new concepts and procedures; and
  4. Promoting open lines of communication amongst all levels of employees because everyone is concerned about their own health and safety.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour should be alerted to any dispute about the establishment, function or composition of a committee. Once investigated, the minister may issue an order to enact a safety committee, or if in the case of an existing committee, improve the function of the committee.

How does an Effective JHSC Impact the Organizational Strategy?

Business success used to be measured only in dollars and cents. Either a business was in the red, or it wasn’t. However, businesses now need to impact so much more than the bottom line to achieve the true success that is sustainable. Known as the triple bottom line, businesses now aim to have a positive impact financially, socially, and environmentally. Having an effective JHSC is part of the social tier. An effective JHSC will ensure a safer workplace for everybody, and it will also send a strong message to all stakeholders that the safety and well-being of all staff are valued by the employer. Today’s consumer is informed and has a wealth of knowledge available to them. Some customers may choose not to do business with a company known for its poor safety record or its lack of safety culture. For companies who bid for work, having an effective JHSC is even more important. Many clients are prohibited from accepting bids from organizations with tarnished safety records, or no evidence of a thriving and active health and safety program. From an alternative standpoint, many consider looking after workers simply to be the right thing to do and frown upon businesses that do not. One way to ensure that your organization remains competitive in this tier of the triple bottom line is ensuring an effective JHSC is running at all times, and they are supported through strong leadership and buy-in from the top down.

The health and safety committee plays an important part in an organization’s overall success. It is essential and beneficial for businesses to have an effective JHSC health and safety so that all parties can enjoy the mutual benefit of an effective, efficient, motivated safety team.

FAQs: Joint Health & Safety Committees (JHSCs)