Effectively Scheduling your Workplace Trainer(s)

Effectively Scheduling your Workplace Trainer(s)

Once you have an established workplace trainer, you will want to ensure that their training schedule is optimized. The beauty of a Train-the-Trainer program is that it allows you 100% flexibility to train when you want. However, you’ll likely want to optimize each training session, and your workplace trainer’s time. That is, after all, the point of a Train-the-Trainer program.

There are strategies that can be used to schedule training accordingly, so that the workplace trainer’s time is used effectively. An effective training schedule should not just consider maximizing the trainer’s time training. It should also consider several other aspects that incorporate the operations of your business and your resources.

Perform a Training Needs Assessment

Your first step will likely be to perform a training needs assessment. The most basic needs assessments will examine the business goal that training supports, the tasks that workers need to perform to reach the goal, and the training required to teach employees the tasks. That is a very simple high-level assessment. You may wish to look at more logistical elements, such as how many workers need the training? Is there a deadline by which training must be completed? Is the training legislated? Once you have collected all of the pertinent information, you can decide if scheduling a training session would be an efficient use of time.

Optimize the Schedule

There are ways to optimize the training schedule in order to ensure production is not interrupted. You may consider breaking training up into smaller lunch-and-learn style sessions, you may wish to complete training on an off day and pay overtime, or you may want to train in smaller groups in order to ensure that production is not interrupted. There is no right or wrong way to schedule training. The goal is to schedule training so that it optimizes the workplace trainer’s time without impacting the company’s movement toward its goals.

Scheduling Workplace Training

Scheduling effective training sessions in house is a big task – there is a lot to consider. Not only are you looking at optimizing time, but in some facilities, space is at a premium. When you set out to create a schedule, remember to consider the space you have, how many people you can comfortably seat, and if you need to book any audio-visual equipment. Although a daunting task, scheduling training sessions run by in-house trainers increases morale, motivates workers, helps build safety culture and positive attitudes, and even increases productivity!


In the end, once you learn to schedule your current in-house trainer(s) you may find that you don’t have enough or that they are not trained in enough areas to effectively train and operate the business accordingly. This is when your workplace will want to consider adding additional in-house trainers. If you need help setting up an effective training schedule and/or optimizing your in-house training program, OSG can help!

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