Employing Young and Immigrant Workers

Employing Young and Immigrant Workers

This May, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is focusing its blitzes on industry sectors known to employ young and new workers. Get prepared!

Young and immigrant workers represent some of the largest untapped human resource markets in the country. They are often keen and full of fresh and exciting new ideas. They have the potential to re-invigorate your workplace. Their enthusiasm to learn new skills and their desire to drive themselves and your company forward is admirable and valuable. Yet, young and immigrant workers are injured on the job more often than any other group.


Young and immigrant workers are similar in that they often have difficulty recognizing health and safety concerns. Fear of reprisal or confusion regarding legislation keeps them from coming forward with questions or observations regarding health and safety policies and practices.

What is Your Responsibility as an Employer?

According to OHSA S. 27 (2)(c), you are required by law to take every reasonable precaution possible to protect all workers, including young and immigrant workers. You can foster a safe work environment and a positive attitude toward health and safety in young and new workers by following health and safety laws, best practices, and policies. All employees require WHMIS, AODA, Worker Awareness or Supervisor Awareness, and Workplace Violence and Harassment training. OSG offers all of these titles and more – we can also help you create and implement a new worker health and safety orientation.

How can I Protect my Young and Immigrant Workers?

All young and new workers need be aware of their rights. Employers cannot penalize workers for reporting health and safety concerns or violations. Empower your employees by encouraging involvement in the Health and Safety program. Welcome workers to report concerns, so that all workers can be safe. Hearing new ideas and being alerted to previously unnoticed concerns are huge benefits to employing young and immigrant workers. Employers may miss out on an innovative way to create change in the workplace if employees don’t feel inspired to discuss health and safety.

Protect your workers by making them aware of health and safety rules, policies, and laws. Be sure to have all applicable posters and literature posted on your company’s Health and Safety Board. Be sure to post

Workers in Ontario need to complete required and appropriate training. Let OSG help. We can meet and exceed all of your training needs, and we can help you determine what training is required by law, and what training is recommended in order to ensure that you meet and exceed training requirements.

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