February 2017: Are You Using the Right Lifeline?

February 2017: Are You Using the Right Lifeline?

Written by Jeff Thorne | Manager of Training and Consulting

As of July 1st 2016, O. Reg. 345/15 amended many parts of regulation 213/91 – Construction Projects. Many of the changes were aimed at strengthening and clarifying existing requirements relating to working at heights and the use of suspended access equipment. It also focused on correcting errors, inconsistencies, and updating outdated references.

One of the updated references was the CSA Standard pertaining to Fall Arresters and Vertical Lifelines. Section 26.1(3) was updated and now references the more recent CSA Standard CSA-Z259.2.5-12. The previous standard was CSA-Z259.2.1-98 (R2008).

You may be saying to yourself, so what, the standard was updated? What’s the big deal?

Section 26.1(3) requires that each component of a fall protection system meet the requirements of the CSA Standards listed in the regulation. Therefore, lifelines used in vertical and sloped (roofing) applications need to meet and bear the updated CSA Standard Z259.2.5 marking on the label. This is also a requirement of section 7.2(h) of the CSA Standard.

Synthetic rope fall arresters shall have a connector not longer than 30 inches attached to the D-ring on the harness. So make sure that workers are not using a 6ft energy absorber attached to a rope grab on the lifeline, as this is not acceptable.

With the working at heights construction training deadline (April 1st 2017) fast approaching, and the onset of spring like weather, construction projects across Ontario will be busy. Make sure your lifelines are in good condition and bear the updated marking. Stay safe everyone!

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