How a Workplace Inspection Improves Your Business

How a Workplace Inspection Improves Your Business

Workplace safety is incredibly important in Canada, and guidelines like WHMIS serve to protect the health and safety of employees. One crucial part of a business’ responsible operations is the regular workplace inspection. The Occupational Health & Safety Act specifies that every workplace must be subjected to a regular and routine first hand examination for unsafe or unhealthy conditions. The Act defines the responsibilities for these workplace inspections to one or more of the following:

  • Health and Safety Representatives: Section 8, subsections 6-10, 14
  • Members of Joint Health and Safety Committees: Section 9, subsections 23-29
  • Unidentified hazards and poorly conducted inspections can lead to catastrophic losses in your workplace.

How can your business be improved by a workplace inspection?

Here are three things to consider:

Identify Risks Before Injuries Occur

First, a workplace inspection helps to identify risks and hazards before serious injuries occur. Workplace inspections are preventative measures, just like wearing protective gear or hanging fire extinguishers at regular intervals throughout a workplace. While you may not expect a fire to occur, fire extinguishers are purchased because they help to mitigate fire risk. The same is true for a workplace inspection. By walking through the worksite and monitoring the site, it’s possible to prevent injuries from happening.

Keep Employees Accountable

Regular workplace inspections do help to protect the safety of your employees, but they accomplish something more: they hold your employees accountable. Remember when you were in school and the teacher strolled casually between the desks during a test or quiz? The presence of the instructor prevented you from taking unnecessary risks or cheating. A workplace inspection accomplishes the same thing. When your employees know that regular inspections will occur, they’ll be more cautious about safety and hazard management.

Protect Your Business from Litigation

Don’t forget that workplace inspections can help your business manage liability, too. If a workplace injury occurs and it’s revealed that the injury could have been prevented with an inspection, your business could be held accountable.

What to do now?

Our Workplace Inspection program will assist committee members and health and safety representatives in performing effective inspections as the course will provide a solid foundation for recognizing, assessing and controlling identified workplace hazards. Call us today to protect your company, and employees.