How to Select an Effective Workplace Trainer

How to Select an Effective Workplace Trainer

Written by Jenn Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator

OSG’s specific Train-the-Trainer courses, in conjunction with our mandatory Train-the-Trainer day, give participants a complete set of tools and techniques to deliver top-notch training in their workplace.

One of the keys to a successful Train-the-Trainer program is that the participant leaves the course with the ability to train a consistent, relevant, and effective program to their peers – every time they deliver the course. In order to maximize the success of such a program, it is essential that you select the right workers for the specialized training required to become workplace trainers.

How Do I Select the Right Worker?

Training is an investment in your workers. This isn’t a new concept. In order to ensure that you maximize the investment you’re making in your workplace trainer(s), be sure that you are selecting and training workers who are up to the task, and who can readily accept and handle the responsibility of being a workplace trainer. Consider the following when making a selection:

Passion: Choose a worker who has a passion for learning, or teaching, or helping others, or for workplace health and safety. Having a passion doesn’t mean that the worker has all of the skills required to be an effective trainer, and that’s where our Train-the-Trainer course takes over. We can teach the skills, but passion is from the heart.

Public Speaking: It’s not mandatory that your workplace trainer be this generation’s next great orator, but comfort with public speaking will certainly help him or her deliver effective training sessions. A worker who despises public speaking may not enjoy training in front of a group of their peers as much as a worker who doesn’t mind talking in front of the class. Fear of public speaking doesn’t automatically disqualify a worker either; like many fears, with some practice and training it can be overcome.

Role Model: Choosing a workplace trainer is NOT a popularity contest, with everyone’s favourite co-worker coming out victorious. The worker you choose may or may not be popular or friendly, but he or she should be a role model. Choose a worker that leads by example, meaning a worker who follows all of the safety principles and procedures that he/she trains.

Interest: One way to easily discern who would make a great workplace trainer is to select workers who have shown an interest in workplace training or in health and safety in general. Having volunteers to become workplace trainers will make the process of becoming a workplace trainer pleasant and exciting for the worker; being forced into a role that is uncomfortable may make the experience seem less exciting.

Experience: It may not make sense to choose the longest tenured employee to become a workplace trainer – or it might! Regardless, it is essential that whomever you choose has experience with the equipment or topic that they have been selected to train. For example, do not choose a worker who has only just started driving a lift truck over a worker who has years of safe operating experiencing. The same principle applies to non-equipment topics: a worker who has locked out hundreds of machines or completed and executed several safe entry plans for confined spaces may be a better choice than workers fairly new to the concepts.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting a workplace trainer. However, choosing a worker that has some or all of the qualities above will help ensure effective and consistent training sessions. OSG can help workplace trainers learn to be effective.

Did you know that OSG has trained over 5000 successful workplace trainers? Trainers learn to deliver dynamic and effective programs when they take any of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer courses, which include a mandatory Train-the-Trainer Day* where participants learn about adult learning techniques and effective program design.

Let us help you train your workplace trainer. View our Train-the-Trainer courses or, if you have any questions call 1-800-815-9980 to speak to a Health and Safety expert today.

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