JHSC Committee Responsibilities

Employers who integrate the concept of an Internal Responsibility System (IRS) into day-to-day activities will reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents. Employers must hold supervisors and workers accountable for the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others in the workplace.

One method of ensuring compliance with applicable laws is for the employer to practice exceptional due diligence. This refers to the employer’s legal responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to protect the health and safety of the worker. The Ministry of Labour suggests this can be accomplished by ensuring the employer and the workers understand their responsibilities regarding workplace health and safety.

Employer responsibilities include:

  • Learning about safety hazards in the workplace
  • Making workers aware of hazards; and
  • Providing adequate first aid at every worksite, including suppliers and someone trained in first aid

Worker responsibilities include:

  • Knowing about hazards in the workplace and how to do their job safely
  • Participating in workplace health and safety
  • Practicing safe work procedures; and
  • Reporting unsafe conditions as quickly as possible