Meet OSG Trainer/Consultant Larry Crangle

Meet Larry Crangle

Larry’s health and safety journey started with a workplace accident that led to his involvement in setting up an occupational health and safety system in his workplace to prevent future incidents. He has an Occupational Health and Safety certificate from Ryerson, years of experience as an employer in the automotive industry, and over 10 years experience as an OSG trainer. Larry is direct in his delivery of training, and he specializes in asbestos awareness, lifting equipment, and joint health and safety committee training.

Larry enjoys meeting new people, and working together with clients to help them understand the significance of risk equation. His passion for health and safety is matched by his love for golf, astronomy, and political science. We don’t call him the professor for nothing; Larry is a sincere trainer who delivers information with a hint of humor, and a strong understanding of health and safety practices.

“Never underestimate the potential of low probability/high severity occurrences.”

-Larry Crangle


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What people are saying about Larry Crangle

“Interesting and informative. Larry delivered the material in an interesting way. Easy to understand material being taught.”

Jennifer Ouellete, DHC Automation and Controls Ltd.