Meet OSG Evaluator Jerry Morrison

Jerry Morrison OSG Health and Safety Trainer

Jerry is OSG’s in-house equipment evaluator. His past experience in an industrial setting as both a lift truck operator and a JHSC Committee member make him an ideal evaluator. He has been with OSG for over 15 years, and his desire to not let anybody down makes him as dependable as he is knowledgeable. He evaluates all lifting devices and fall protection equipment. His concern with the safety of those around him is apparent, and he makes himself very approachable. Clients continuously report that Jerry gives feedback in a positive manner, and that he makes them feel 100% at ease before, during, and after the evaluation. Jerry considers himself successful when he hears his clients say that they have learned something new about safety as a result of his visit.

Jerry is a true renaissance man. His talents extend to his personal life. Jerry prides himself on his home, which he decorated himself, and which features many refinished antiques; all projects undertaken by himself. Jerry is also a music and movie buff, with an enviable collection of both, and an uncanny ability to find rare items. Jerry is funny, and he is always quick to tell jokes around the office.

“Rushing does not pay off. Take the time to do it right.”

-Jerry Morrison

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