Meet OSG Trainer/Consultant Rob Morris

rmRob Morris has the distinction of being OSG’s longest-tenured trainer – and he trains every OSG course title found in the catalog! Outside of his vast and prolific experience with OSG’s health and safety training courses, Rob has also enjoyed a fruitful career in the quality and manufacturing industry, acting in worker and management capabilities and various health and safety committee roles. He is a qualified toolmaker and holds a National Technical Certificate.

Rob is committed to assisting companies to be more productive through safe work. He believes that safe work boosts efficiencies and productivity, and has the ultimate benefit of ensuring that workers return home safe at the end of every work day. When he isn’t travelling all over Ontario for OSG, Rob enjoys working with his hands, completing a number of carpentry and welding projects around the house. Rob’s direct no-nonsense approach to safety in the workplace make him an OSG client favourite; he’s tough when it’s required, and brings a unique brand of dry humor to all of his courses.

“Implement solid safe operating procedures for all tasks performed.”

-Rob Morris

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What people are saying about Rob Morris

“Rob spoke very clearly. Rob made sure all material was well explained. Good course!”

Paul M'Evo, PRO-CAM

“Rob is very open and provided a relaxed atmosphere. Very informative. I enjoyed this training very much.”

James Rowe, Musashi

“Very entertaining teacher. Well spoken and easy to follow with materials. ”

Terry Langdon, Musashi Auto Parts