Nortex Roofing Ltd.

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Company Info

Company Name: Nortex Roofing Ltd.
Industry: Roofing
Number of employees: 200+
Phone: 416-236-6090

Courses taken with OSG:

  • Train-the-Trainer Day
  • Working at Heights Train-the-Trainer
  • WHMIS 2015 Train-the-Trainer
  • Worker Awareness Train-the-Trainer
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Train-the-Trainer
  • Overhead Crane Train-the-Trainer
  • Aerial Work Platforms Train-the-Trainer
  • Supervisor Competency Train-the-Trainer
  • Safe Operation of a Lift Truck Train-the-Trainer

Nortex Roofing Ltd. safety tip: Ensure that you can leave each day in the condition that you arrived.

About Nortex Roofing Ltd.:

Nortex Roofing Ltd. is an innovative roofing company, specializing in all types of roofing systems, including inverted single-ply cold and hot applied, solar reflective, green, and ultra-violet resistant roofing. They employ over 200 employees, many of whom speak English as a second language. Their health and safety manager, Felix Da Costa, has described his biggest health and safety challenge as overcoming language barriers and hurdles. In the past, language and communication issues have impacted the ability to effectively deliver the message of safety to workers in a way that makes it important to them. To remedy the problem, Felix took a number of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer titles including WHMIS, Working at Heights, and Worker Awareness in order to become a workplace trainer. He credits his Client Relationship Manager, Bruno Urbani, for giving him direction and guidance along the way, and for being flexible when it comes to accommodating training requests. Felix also gives praise to OSG trainers Cory Hanley and Pat Lipscombe, for imparting their safety knowledge and practices in a down to earth manner that fits the Nortex Roofing culture. Given the flexibility to train at his own pace, Felix uses OSG’s materials, and he translates them for workers in a way that facilitates understanding and retention. He has started encouraging workers to create and deliver their own “tool box talks” and complete JSAs in native languages, all in the name of empowering employees, increasing safety culture, and building understanding.

Nortex Roofing Ltd. is this month’s health and safety champion because they have implemented innovative and effective solutions to overcome health and safety challenges in the workplace. Felix states that, “[With the help of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer program], I can give workers the knowledge that they need to perform jobs efficiently while using the safety knowledge and tools they’ve been given.” Felix makes it his personal mission to ensure that all workers return home at the end of their shifts in the same shape they arrived in the morning. He knows that their loved ones and friends depend on it. Felix and Nortex Roofing are an example of a company that does that what it takes to drive home the message of safety. OSG is proud to celebrate their safety successes.

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