October 2017 Review: Ministry of Labour Blitz Results

October 2017 Review: Ministry of Labour Blitz Results

The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) schedules blitzes and initiatives every year that aim to make workplaces safer for Ontarians. The blitzes and initiatives are scheduled in specific sectors, and are meant to ensure that both the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act are being followed. As well, blitzes and initiatives enhance employer awareness of their responsibilities, and their role in keeping employees safe on the job.

Fall Hazards 2016 Blitz Summary

In May and June of 2016, the Ministry of Labour visited workplaces across Ontario in the construction, industrial, and mining sectors where workers could be at risk of falls. Any workplace may be visited during a blitz; however, for this one, the Ministry of Labour focused on workplaces known to have a high frequency of fall injuries, where complaints have been received, where there have been previous injuries, and where there is a history of non-compliance.

Blitz Date:

May 1, 2016 – Jun 15, 2016

Blitz Goals:

  • Raise awareness of fall hazards
  • Increase workplace compliance with the law
  • Prevent injuries and illnesses that could arise from unsafe work practices

Blitz Results:

The MOL conducted 3961 field visits to 3343 workplaces, some of which were visited more than once, or several times.  

Total Orders Written: 10 321

Total Stop Work Orders: 653


Totals by Sector: Construction

Orders Written: 5542

Stop Work Orders: 465

Top Five Violations Resulting in Orders in the Construction Sector:

  1. Not wearing protective headwear – 520 orders
  2. Missing fall protection system – 502 orders
  3. Not wearing protective footwear – 247 orders
  4. Guardrail did not meet regulatory requirements – 175 orders
  5. Constructor failed to complete and file Notice of Project – 124 orders

Totals by Sector: Industrial

Orders Written: 4416

Stop Work Orders:162

Top Five Violations Resulting in Orders in the Industrial Sector:

  1. Condition of the floor or other surface – 253 orders
  2. Condition of portable ladder – 164 orders
  3. Condition and operation of a lifting device – 154 orders
  4. Improper material handling – 134 orders
  5. Machinery, equipment, or material that may tip or fall – 114 orders


Totals by Sector: Mining

Orders Written: 363

Stop Work Orders: 26

Top Five Violations Resulting in Orders in the Mining Sector:

  1. Failure to ensure a conveyor has head, tails, drives, defection, and tension pulleys guarded at any pinch point that is or may become accessible – 41 orders
  2. Failure to ensure that equipment, materials, and protective devices provided by employer are maintained in good condition – 23 orders
  3. Failure to take every precaution reasonable in circumstances for protection of workers – 21 orders
  4. Stop work on any place, equipment, machine device, article, thing, process, or material until order is complied with – 20 orders
  5. Failure to comply with requirement a machine with exposed moving parts that could endanger a worker be fenced or guarded unless its position, construction, or attachment provides equivalent protection – 18 orders


Blitz Conclusions:

The MOL will continue to raise awareness of fall hazards in Ontario workplaces in the construction, industrial, and mining sectors. Employers, supervisors, workers, Joint Health and Safety Committees, and health and safety representatives must continue to work together to identify and control fall hazards.


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