Ontario Workplaces Ranked The Safest in Canada

Ontario Workplaces Ranked The Safest in Canada

Every year, the WSIB generates a report entitled By the Numbers: 2016 WSIB Statistical Analysis Report.

How Does Ontario Stack Up? 

According to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)’s June 26 report By the Numbers: 2016 WSIB Statistical Analysis Report, Ontario has the lowest lost-time workplace injury rate in Canada. Not only are the number of compensation claims in Ontario the lowest in Canada, but they continue to decline – an important and positive trend in workplace injury reports.

The province of Ontario’s lost-time injury rate was 0.94 per 100 workers. The overall rate for the entire country was much higher, at 1.5 lost-time injuries per 100 workers. Ontario’s rate has been below 1.0 for the last four years running.

An Increase in Workers does not Equate to an Increase in Claims

The number of Ontarians covered by the WSIB has grown 11% in the past decade. Normally, an increase in the number of people covered would result in an increase in claims; however, claim for injury and illness in the same period have decreased by 31%. This is a direct indication that Ontario workplaces continue to get safer. For those workers who do put in claims for injury or illness, the goal becomes a safe return-to-work upon recovery. In the past year, the number of successful and safe returns to work increased from 61% to 84%. 

The WSIB By the Numbers Report

Aside from provincial statistics that examine injury and illness, lost-time claims and safe returns to work, the WSIB By the Numbers Report contains many more statistics and much more information about workplace safety at both the provincial and national levels. The reports are fully published and available to the public. The WSIB website also provides a “highlights” page, to emphasize the most important numbers and emerging trends. To learn more, you are encouraged to read the reports by visiting

Written by Jennifer Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator

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