Ben Bachl

Ben has been part of OSG’s training team for over a year. Ben’s experiences prior to joining OSG are eclectic! He’s a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, and has had experiences in tobacco farming, retail, law enforcement, carpentry, and health and safety. Ben’s journey and experiences have led him to wanting to help others make their workplaces safer. Ben’s training goal is to deliver effective and fun training that meets client needs, but also satisfies legislative requirements.

Ben is committed to increasing his knowledge. He is very open and direct, and clients appreciate his straightforward approach to health and safety. When he isn’t delivering training courses such as Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification, Supervisor Awareness, and Job Hazard Analysis, Ben enjoys walking and biking. He is also an avid boater. Ben’s family is his motivator, and he enjoys finding ways to appreciate the little things. When asked what his hidden talent is, Ben responded, “If I disclosed it, it wouldn’t be hidden,” leading us to believe that there’s a lot more to be seen from Ben Bachl.

Don’t put yourself or others at risk.

-Ben Bachl