Pollard Enterprises Ltd









Company Name: Pollard Enterprises Ltd.
Description: Roofing and sheet metal
Industry: Flat Roofing and Sheet Metal
Number of Employees: 105
Name: Marco Serra
Health & Safety Manager
Website: www.pollardroofing.ca
Phone: 905.332.6660

Courses taken with OSG

• Supervisory Competency
• JHSC 1 Committee Certification
• JHSC 2 Committee Certification

Pollard Industries safety tip: Always have at least two certified JHSC members!

About Pollard Industries Ltd.

Pollard Enterprises Ltd. is an industry leading roofing and sheet metal company. They deal primarily in flat roofing and sheet metal. Their health and safety manager, Marco Serra, has described his biggest health and safety challenge as maintaining his training records. To remedy the problem, Marco now effectively uses the JHSC training he received in OSG’s JHSC Part 1 and JHSC Part 2 Certification training in order to keep the health and safety program in his workplace better organized.

Pollard Enterprises, Ltd. is this month’s health and safety champion because they are using the training they received from OSG to drive positive change in their workplace. Mr. Serra states that “we didn’t even have a JHSC in place [prior to training], and now we are well on the way to having several members of the JHSC trained and fully engaged in the process.” Since their JHSC 1 and 2 training, Pollard Enterprises, Ltd. has made many positive changes, and implemented new health and safety strategies. In addition, Mr. Serra is using what he learned in OSG’s Supervisor Competency program to maintain accurate training records and effectively manage his company’s health and safety program.

For more information on Pollard Enterprises, Ltd., please visit them on the web at www.pollardroofing.com.

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