Forklift standing on industrial dirty concrete wall background

Safe Operation of a Forklift/Lift Truck Training

Course Summary Lift trucks and mobile equipment accidents are preventable and unacceptable. Their widespread use requires that individuals working on, and around, lift trucks recognize hazards associated with the equipment and the environment in which lift trucks are operated. Our…


Working at Heights: Construction Training *CPO Approved!

  Course Summary Exposure to fall hazards in construction is a daily occurrence, but it doesn’t have to be! Unfortunately falls happen too often, and are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. OSG’s Chief Prevention Officer-approved course,…


Ladder Safety Training

Course Summary Ladders are used frequently in many workplaces and pose a risk of injury to workers when used improperly. Our course is designed to provide participants with the information required to ensure the ladder is selected properly, inspected, and…


Lockout/Tagout Training

Course Summary Failure to control the release of hazardous energy while servicing and maintaining equipment has the potential to cause severe workplace injuries. Our course is designed to ensure employers, management, and workers can identify the hazards associated with uncontrolled…

Machine guard training table saw

Machine Guarding Training

Course Summary When workers are exposed to rotating parts such as belts, pulleys, shafts, gears and chains, prime movers of equipment, and/or machinery and exposed points of operation, they are potentially at risk of injury. Operators of machinery and equipment…

Safe Operation of an Aerial Work Platforms

Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms Training

Course Summary Aerial work platforms are becoming more popular as they offer a safer way to work at heights. Operating these devices safely requires knowledge, skill, and serious commitment to safety. Our course is designed to provide operators with the…

Safe Operation of a Bucket Truck

Safe Operation of a Bucket Truck Training

Course Summary Competent operators must be familiar with equipment hazards, dangers and applicable legislation. They must be knowledgeable and have training on the specific equipment that they will be operating. Continuing Education Credits


Safe Operation of a Mobile Boom Crane (up to 8 tonnes) Training

Mobile boom cranes are an essential piece of equipment required for safe and efficient material handling on construction and industrial job sites. Competent operators that apply what they have been taught, contribute to overall site safety through their training, knowledge…


Safe Operation of a Telehandler Lift Truck Training

Updated Course Coming Soon! We’re updating this course so you can get even more out of training with us! Call 1.800.815.9980 to learn more. Course Summary Telehandlers are a Class VII (7) Rough Terrain Forklift, typically used in construction-type environments.…