Cannabis and the Workplace

Cannabis and the Workplace

Employee Policy

Express your organization's commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment with a clear Workplace Substance Management Policy. Most organizations already have policies and procedures in place regarding impairment, alcohol, and other substances. However, now that recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, employers should strengthen their wording and provide clarification to employees on expectations to include stipulations around cannabis. Purchase and download the fully customizable Workplace Substance Management Policy in minutes.

Online training

Let us create a customized training program for your organization. Training can be delivered online by one of our qualified trainers. Learning outcomes and training can be tailored to your organization's industry and needs. Training can include topics such as:

  • Legality of cannabis in Canada
  • Responsibilities of employers
  • What employees need to know
  • Cannabis and workplace health and safety

On-site training

Offering on-site training gives flexibility and accommodation that is suitable for your work environment and addressing the issues involving substance use in the workplace. Our qualified team of leaders is able to visit your organization and provide hands-on, interactive training, including:

  • Describing the responsibilities of employers, supervisors & employees
  • Discussing the effects that cannabis has on the worker and the workplace as well as recognizing impairment.
  • Discussing different ways to develop substance management in the workplace
  • Helping you understand your workplace substance management policy

custom policy & program development

Get the support of our Human Resources and Health and Safety Consultants. We work closely with your team to perform a complete review and assessment of existing policies and programs. We can provide recommendations and implement solutions that address the unique needs of your work environment. Our consultants will:

    • Assist with policy development
    • Assess training needs for workers, supervisors, and managers
    • Guide you through creating a comprehensive training program
    • Identify and facilitate solutions for unique situations regarding substance use in the workplace