Driving Ergonomics Workshop

Driving Ergonomics Workshop


45-60 minutes



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This workshop will cover the basic ergonomic tips for participants who spend part or the majority of their day driving. Emphasis will be placed on ideal seat and steering wheel set up along with industry wide best practices. This is applicable to transit drivers, delivery drivers, consultants, and sales representatives.


  • Highlight what ergonomics is and why it’s important
  • Identify the principles of basic driving ergonomics
  • Education regarding key ergonomic risk factors
  • Tips around ideal vehicle set up including seat and steering wheel adjustments

Target Audience

Employers interested in proactively educating their staff regarding basic ergonomic principles. Ideal for supervisors, managers, safety representatives and workers that drive (i.e. bus drivers, transit drivers,
delivery drivers, sales representatives, emergency response drivers etc.).

Legislative, Guideline or Standard Reference

OSHA s. 25. (2)(h)