Improve Your Health & Safety Program in Record Time

Do you want to create a safer workplace, but don't know where to start? A Gap Audit will help you understand exactly what's working and what needs critical attention to keep your employees healthy and safe.

On-site visit by our consultant to review procedures

Easy-to-action report detailing whether your workplace is compliant and optimized for health & safety

Follow-up meeting to discuss observations and recommendations


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A check-up for your workplace's health & safety program

  • Understand how closely your organization's practices align with your intended practices outlined in your health & safety system and policies
  • Receive recommendations on how to get into compliance with health & safety legislation and how to take compliance a step further by implementing industry best practices
  • Gain an objective overview of your current health & safety management system in action with identification of deficiencies with recommendations for resolving them

We’ll compare the status of your current program to the legislated requirements and best practices. We'll identify what elements of your program are working well and where there are gaps. Gaps indicate that some risks or hazards aren’t being adequately controlled and could be threatening the health & safety of your employees.

Our report will provide recommendations on how to mitigate risks to ensure you are complying with health & safety laws and to keep your employees safe.

Keep your team safe

Identify & Action Critical Risks

Take the guesswork out of prioritizing health & safety initiatives. We’ll show you exactly where to start for the biggest impact. Our follow-up calls give you an opportunity to discuss next steps with the consultant who visited your workplace.

Create a safe workplace

People are at the heart of every business and looking after yours is not only the right thing to do, it's key to ensuring your business can keep moving forward. Plus, you'll avoid the large costs that come with injuries. The direct and indirect cost of a single lost-time injury is over $100,000.

Comply with Health & Safety Legislation

We compare your program to legislative requirements such as the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act so you can easily see if there are any changes you need to make to be in compliance and pass MLTSD inspections with ease.

Enable Continuous Improvement

It's easy to become familiar with risks and hazards in a workplace you're accustomed to. Regular external audits help ensure you don't become complacent when it comes to employee health & safety.

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