Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms Training

Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms Training

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Course Summary

Aerial work platforms are becoming more popular as they offer a safer way to work at heights. Operating these devices safely requires knowledge, skill, and serious commitment to safety.

Our course is designed to provide operators with the knowledge and skill to be able to operate the equipment safely and efficiently. Additionally, this course includes a full module on the use of fall protection equipment in connection with use of aerial work platforms.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify hazards specific to the operator and his / her environment
  • Explain applicable legislation
  • List devices and operating controls
  • Perform pre-operational inspections
  • Perform safe operating practices
  • Identify fuel source hazards
  • Recognize the need for fall protection

Course content is based on CSA B354.2-01, B354.4-02

Equipment Evaluation

Upon completion of the theory portion of the program, a hands-on practical evaluation is required to complete the certification. Hands-on evaluations must be completed within 90 days of completing the theory portion of the program.

Target Audience

Operators and supervisors

Legislative Reference

Ont. Reg. 851 – Industrial Establishments s. 51(2)
Ont. Reg. 213/91 – Construction Projects 96. (1)

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