WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program

WSIB Excellence Program with OSG

Earn insurance rebates of up to 10% and improve your organization’s Health & Safety Management System by participating in WSIB’s Excellence Program.

We give you the tools and resources to focus on the safety topics that are most important to your organization. Implementing these safety changes will improve your safety culture, decrease accidents, and earn you rebates directly from WSIB.

$125 per month

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Earn Rebates

You can earn up to 10% of your annual insurance premium back, for a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $250,000 in annual rebates!

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Healthier Workplace

Create a strong culture of safety within your organization and decrease workplace injuries. 



OSG will guide you through your health & safety journey, whether you are just getting started, or improving your existing program.  

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How does it work?

  1. Register for the program through OSG
  2. Complete an assessment to help determine which topics to work on
  3. Develop an action plan to work on the topics of your choice
  4. With the help of OSG, learn and implement the safety topics
  5. Submit evidence of your completion for review by a WSIB validator
  6. Receive a rebate on your WSIB premiums

> Learn more about the steps involved to get from registration to rebates 

Resources and guidance to help you succeed

Become a member of the Excellence Program with OSG, and partner with Health & Safety experts to improve your workplace health and safety.

As your advisors, OSG will help build out your organization’s skill set and provide you with the necessary tools so that you are confident when implementing the Excellence Program Topics into your workplace.

Program features include:

  • The ability to choose which health and safety topics you'd like to tackle
  • Comprehensive guides, tips and best practices to ensure your success during implementation
  • Webinars hosted by subject matter experts, as well as networking opportunities with other Program Members
  • Review and discussion of your Action Plan
  • Individual check-in with your Excellence Program Advisor halfway through your journey, allowing you the opportunity to discuss and get advice on the specifics of your organization's efforts
  • Consultation with your Excellence Program Advisor prior to your submission to WSIB  to fully review your Evidence Package
  • Answers to your program questions, Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm

Rebates & Rewards


The Excellence Program provides organizations with an opportunity to improve their workplace health & safety while earning financial rebates on WSIB premiums. 

Financial Rewards

Upon successful validation of your topics, your rebate is calculated based on your annual WSIB premiums as of December 31st of the year prior to the date rebate is calculated, your organizational predictability factor, as well as the total number of action plan topics that have been successfully completed.

How your rebate is calculated:

In Q3 2021, the WSIB issued $4.2 million in rebates to organizations enrolled in the Excellence Program

Annual reported premiums multipled by predictability factor of either 1.4 percent or 2 percent multiplied by total number of topics completed equals rebate

WSIB has created a rebate calculator for you to estimate your potential rebate. 

Note: Depending on your predictability percentage, your organization can receive either 1.4% or 2% per topic of your reported annual premiums. If your predictability is greater than 20%, you will receive 1.4%. If it is equal to or less than 20%, you will receive 2.0% per completed topic. (You can find your predictability percentage on your annual WSIB statement) 

Minimum rebates

Your organization can receive a maximum total rebate of up to 75% of its total reported annual WSIB premiums.  For smaller organizations with lower annual premium, there is a minimum rebate to be $1,000 per completed topic. (You can complete a maximum of 5 topics per year.) 

Maximum rebates

There is a rebate maximum of $50,000 topic.

Rebate eligibility

Organizations must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Schedule 1 employer
  • Action plan successfully validated
  • In compliance with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) - an employer who is charged under WSIA must wait two years from the date of the charge period to the date of the compliance check before they are eligible for a rebate. However, they are still able to participate in the program but would only be eligible for the non-financial rewards.
  • A business will be disqualified from earning a rebate should they experience a traumatic fatality from the date of their action plan approval to the date of the rebate being issued.

Non-Financial Rewards

Non-financial rewards and recognition are also earned for completing health and safety topics under the Excellence Program. Digital badges can be earned and serve as recognition of achievement.

Earn rebates and improve your health & safety program

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