Reinforcing Learning After Training

Reinforcing Learning After Training

A Successful Training Program is one that Results in Change

Are you familiar with the following scenario? Your workers complete training.
They return to their jobs. Less than a week later, most of those new skills and concepts have been forgotten. Was the training a success? No, because it didn’t result in change.


To answer simply, training is often viewed as a singular event rather than an ongoing process. Successful training doesn’t stop when training concludes – it is followed by reinforcement. It has been shown that less than half of all skills taught will be transferred to the job unless a reinforcement plan is implemented.

Reinforcements are not the Same as Reminders

When the training goal is to change behaviour, reminders are passive and tend to be ineffective. After your next training session, try active reinforcement using the following tips:

  • Give workers the opportunity to apply what they learned.
  • Review concepts frequently during safety talks, e-mails or monthly meetings.
  • Provide coaching.
  • Provide opportunities to debrief with trainees using real time scenarios or “near misses”.

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