Requirements for providing a safe on-site training environment

We look forward to providing a safe and positive training experience to your employees.

Safety of your staff and ours is our #1 priority. That’s why we’re requiring the following precautions be in place before we visit:

  • You have implemented a Screening Process, assessing the health of all entering the facility
  • You have Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols in place
  • You have proper Hygiene Protocols, and have access to sanitizer and/or handwashing especially in the training rooms
  • You have strict Social Distancing protocols, that are supplemented with engineering controls and PPE where needed
  • Your training room allows for a 6-foot radius between each participant, as well as the Trainer

You understand and agree that by Approving OSG to attend, you are also declaring that the above steps have been implemented. You recognize and agree that if the above are not in place at the time of your scheduled course appointment our Trainers will be unable to proceed and you will still be required to pay for the course in full.