The Importance of a Mandatory Train-the-Trainer Day

The Importance of a Mandatory Train-the-Trainer Day

Written by Jennifer Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator

All of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer courses require the successful completion of our pre-requisite Train-the-Trainer Day. For some clients, the concept of a mandatory course or pre-requisite prior to taking a health and safety course, is new. However, our Train-the-Trainer courses aren’t your average health and safety offerings, and our mandatory Train-the-Trainer Day offers more than just health and safety instruction; it includes tools, tips, and tricks to make workplace training easy, efficient, and effective!

OSG’s Train-the-Trainer Day prepares all workplace trainers for success. Training is a huge investment. Train-the-Trainer Day ensures that your investment is maximized, and that workplace trainers have all of the tools and skills required to reach their highest potential, while delivering top-notch, consistent, and applicable training sessions to coworkers – every time they train.

Features of Train-the-Trainer Pre-Requisite Course

  • Identify and Apply DiSC Dimensions of Behaviour: DiSC is a behaviour assessment tool. Its purpose is to give users a better perspective of themselves and how the deal with interpersonal situations.
  • Discuss Principles of Adult Learning: Adults learn differently from young children. They require more chances for hands-on learning, and for the material to be meaningful to their work. Train-the-Trainer day goes over many techniques for ensuring that adults retain the information they need for safe work practice.
  • Identify Fundamentals of Effective Communication: If your goal of training is to change behaviours, then it stands to reason that the ability to effectively communicate the message is paramount.
  • Apply Facilitation Tools and Tips: Train-the-Trainer Day is full of all of the latest and greatest tools and tips to make running a training course seem like second nature – even for the greenest workplace trainer.
  • Overcoming Unique Challenges: Don’t set workplace trainers up for failure. OSG’s Train-the-Trainer Day offers a number of important strategies that help workplace trainers overcome training hurdles, including language barriers in the workplace.
  • Deal with Difficult Behaviours: Although we like to think workplace trainers are always shown respect and given undivided attention, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Our course teaches participants approaches for dealing with difficult or undesirable behaviours in the classroom.
  • Deliver an Effective Presentation: No Train-the-Trainer course would be complete without giving workplace trainers instruction on effective delivery of training material. This is the mechanics of how to effectively ensure that the training message is received loud and clear!

How to get your Train-the-Trainer Program Started

  1. Sign up for a Train-the-Trainer Day in your area
  2. Choose from our list of over 15 topic-specific Train-the-Trainer titles
  3. Successfully complete Train-the-Trainer Day and any selected Train-the-Trainer courses
  4. Start training at your workplace immediately!

Our topic-specific Train-the-Trainer courses include a kit with everything you need to train the course, including enough Participant Manuals to train your first 10 workers – there is no delay in getting started!

Once your workplace trainer has successfully completed their courses and they’ve trained their first 10 workers, they will be able to purchase additional materials and manuals from our online bookstore. They will also have access to applicable learning resources. And as always, OSG will be here to offer ongoing support.

Did you know that OSG has trained over 5000 workplace trainers? Let us help you train your workplace trainer.

View our course calendar to see upcoming training near you, or if you have further questions about adult learning, or how the Train-the-Trainer programs work, call 1-800-815-9980 to speak to a Health and Safety expert today.

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