The Top 5 Training Obstacles & How Train-the-Trainer Programs Can Help You Overcome Them

The Top 5 Training Obstacles & How Train-the-Trainer Programs Can Help You Overcome Them

The virtues of health and safety training are widely known. Not only is a minimum standard of health and safety training the legislated standard, health and safety training aims to reduce accidents and incidents, and increase positive attitudes and safety culture.

What is Internal Training?

Some employers chose to have one (or more) of their workers attend an OSG Train-the-Trainer program to become a certified in-house trainer. For many employers, an internal training program is a beneficial and cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom training. Internal training also provides employers an opportunity to overcome obstacles that may be unique to their workplace. Below, we uncover the top five training obstacles, and how an OSG Train-the-Trainer program can help you overcome them.

How can an OSG Train-the-Trainer Program Help Overcome the Top Five Training Obstacles? 

1. Your workers work on different shifts

Train-the-Trainer programs give you the flexibility that you need to train workers on all shifts. While it might be a challenge to find a classroom trainer who trains on the midnight, days, or afternoon shift, having an internal trainer on hand means that training can happen any time. It also means you can split your training to minimize the impact on productivity.

2. Your training budget is limited

You simply cannot measure the value of health and safety training; it saves countless lives. However, despite its value, many training budgets are still limited, along with time and resources. An internal training program is the most cost-effective method of providing health and safety training in the workplace for most companies.

3. Your workforce doesn’t have a positive attitude toward training

Some workers mistakenly believe that their years of experience exempt them from needing training. Choosing an experienced and respected internal worker to deliver in-house training to coworkers can go a long way with improving attitudes. Having a respected and well-liked colleague deliver safety training can make even the most hardened professionals receptive to the training!

4. The training program doesn’t engage or inspire the learners

With OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs, you will be able to engage and inspire learners, using personal anecdotes and workplace-specific examples. Adult learning theory suggests that adults expect what they are learning to be immediately useful, and OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs allow workplace trainers to make training specific to the learner’s roles, which will be immediately applicable to the job. This style of learning also allows learners to draw on their experiences to make connections with new information and easily retain and apply it. OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs were all designed with proven adult learning techniques in mind.

5. Some, or most, of your workforce may speak English as a second language.

Language barriers can create an obstacle to effective learning. However, as Felix from Nortex Roofing (one of our clients) explains, “I use the concepts and safety instruction that I learned at OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs, and then when I train in-house, I verbally translate for workers in a way that facilitates better understanding and retention. I encourage workers to create and deliver their own “tool box talks” in native languages to foster the development of a strong safety culture.” This is a strong example, but only one, of how you can use our Train-the-Trainer programs to overcome English as a second language barriers within your workplace.


In conclusion, Train-the-Trainer programs can be used across multiple industries to overcome a magnitude of training obstacles. You potentially have a unique training obstacle that having a qualified internal trainer may be able to alleviate!

OSG can Help

Did you know that OSG has trained over 5000 successful workplace trainers?  Trainers learn to deliver dynamic and effective programs when they take any of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer courses, which include a mandatory Train-the-Trainer Day* where participants learn about adult learning techniques and effective program design. You can call 1-800-815-9980 to speak to one of our Health and Safety experts or book your training online! View our full list of Train-the-Trainer courses today!

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Written by Jennifer Miller | Curriculum Development Coordinator

*Cost is separate.

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