Top Six Resolutions for 2019

Top Six Resolutions for 2019

Have you set your work-related resolutions yet? With 2019 just around the corner, now is the time to take a moment to reflect on the past year and establish where you want to be this time next year. Focusing on the wellbeing of your workplace can generate payoffs for years to come. Here are our top six resolutions to help you make 2019 the best year yet!

1. Promote Mental Health

Make a resolution this year to be proactive when it comes to ending stigma and supporting wellbeing in the workplace. This can take many forms. For example, if your organization’s benefits program doesn’t include an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), resolve to add one and make it available to all employees. Your resolution might even be as simple as committing to checking in with workers periodically, just to see how they’re doing. No matter how you approach it, a focus on mental health in the workplace is a great way to welcome 2019. Contact us to learn about Mental Health Awareness Training.

2.  Become an AODA Champion

By 2025, all Ontario workplaces are expected to be in full compliance. Resolve to get ahead of the curve by implementing Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards that you know are coming down the pipeline. The sooner your company is accessible to all people, the sooner you’ll be able to experience all of the advantages that come with full accessibility. If anyone in your organization still requires mandatory AODA training, have them take our free online AODA training course!

3. Make Training a Top Priority

If your staff’s health and safety training has lapsed or expired, set a goal to ensure that all workers get up-to-date ASAP. If your organization struggles more on the records management side of training, implement an online HSMS or records-management system that suits your company’s needs. Ensuring all workers have all of the training they need is a great 2019 resolution that sets the stage for a safe and healthy year.

4. Don’t Just Talk the Talk; Walk the Walk

Executives and managers can make a resolution to practice what they preach, which will have a huge impact on all workers. This resolution, while seemingly simple, can change the safety culture of an organization. For example, if wearing safety glasses on the shop floor is policy, but management doesn’t wear them when they’re out on the floor, it sends the message that glasses aren’t really important. Strengthen the buy-in to the safety culture by leading by example.

5. Update your Health and Safety Board

If your health and safety board is currently just a thing that people walk by without a second glance, it’s time for a refresh. We can help make updating your board a breeze:

6. Don’t get Smoked Out

On October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis became legal across Canada. If you haven’t already done so, resolve to update your Workplace Substance Management Policy. This is an important step required to keep workers safe from potential hazards, including those that may arise from impairment resulting from cannabis use. Employers must also provide training and information to address hazards associated with impairment as a result of cannabis use. Easily check this resolution off your list! OSG offers online training and in-person training at your workplace.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone – OSG can Help

Resolutions are better executed with some support. Safety resolutions are no different. Contact us for solutions that will help make your resolutions realities.