Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness Training

Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness Training

Course Duration
30 minutes



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Anhydrous ammonia awareness provides basic information on the properties and health effects of anhydrous ammonia as well as precautions to take when working with or around it.

Who Needs Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness Training?

People who work with or near ammonia and their supervisors.

Course Outline

Properties of Ammonia

  • Anhydrous vs. Aqua Ammonia
  • Physical properties of anhydrous ammonia
  • Chemical properties
  • Uses
  • Physical Hazards

Health Effects

  • How ammonia causes harm
  • Routes of exposure
  • Inhalation
  • Eye and skin contact
  • Ingestion
  • First aid providers

Control Measures

  • Engineering controls
  • Training
  • PPE

Handling and Storage

  • Safe handling
  • Safe storage

Emergency Response

  • Potential ammonia emergencies
  • Requirement for emergency response
  • Emergency response plans
  • PPE for emergency responders