Asbestos Awareness Training Online

Asbestos Awareness Training Online

Course Duration
30 minutes



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Asbestos Awareness is geared towards general awareness in occupational asbestos exposure during building repair, renovation, and demolition. It will discuss the different types of building materials and activities that are most likely to pose a health threat to workers in this specific environment. This course will also cover the common health effects of exposure, risk assessment and control measures, which will ensure the overall wellbeing of workers exposed to asbestos.

Who Needs Asbestos Awareness Learning?

This training is intended for workers who, during the course of their work, may encounter and disturb asbestos-containing materials. These professionals are, but not limited to, general maintenance workers, electricians, plumbers, demolition workers, painters, plasterers, gas fitters, telecommunication engineers, building surveyors, and heating and ventilation engineers.

Course Outline

Health effects of ACMs

  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Cancers of the larynx and ovaries
  • Susceptible individuals

Risk assessment

  • General risk factors
  • Risky occupations
  • Indicators for presence of ACMs
  • Risky activities

General control measures

  • Control program considerations
  • Engineering controls
  • Administrative controls
  • PPE
  • Airborne asbestos monitoring
  • Medical surveillance of workers

Emergency protocols

  • Emergency incidents
  • Accidental inhalation
  • Accidental skin contact
  • Accidental eye contact
  • Accidental ingestion


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