Diversity in the Workplace Online Training

Diversity in the Workplace Online Training

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Workplace diversity covers the various opportunities posed by diversity in the workplace, especially when the right initiatives are put in place and implemented.

Who Needs Workplace Diversity Training?

Workplace Diversity training is intended for both employees and employers who are part of a growing network of professionals that consist of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds.

Course Outline

Introduction to workplace diversity

  • Definition
  • Elements
  • Legal considerations
  • Common cultural differences
  • Underrepresented groups

Advantages and Benefits

  • Support recruitment challenges
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Elevate employee retention
  • Offer improved customer service
  • Expand community outreach
  • Encourage innovation and problem solving skills
  • Promote greater organizational values

Workplace diversity initiatives

  • Leadership
  • Public inclusion and engagement
  • Company policies