First Aid Awareness Training Online

First Aid Awareness Training Online

All workplaces in Canada are required to provide some level of first aid to their workers. First aid helps injured workers to receive limited medical attention that can help minimize their injuries and bring comfort.

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First Aid Awareness provides general information on the basic principles of assisting injured individuals and transitioning care to medical professionals as required.

Who Needs First Aid Awareness Training?

All workers and supervisors

Course Outline

First Aid Requirements

  • Module objectives
  • Legislation by Province

Routine Practices

  • Ways to protect yourself when administering first aid
  • Routine practices

First Aid Equipment

  • Identify common components of a first aid kit
  • First Aid Kits
  • AED

Scene Management

  • Concerns of a medical scene
  • Methods to manage a scene
  • Scene concerns
  • The scene
  • Biowaste