Health & Safety for HR Professionals Training

Health & Safety for HR Professionals Training

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Course Duration

3 Days




OSG has worked with many Human Resource professionals over the years, recognizing the health and safety challenges HR professionals are facing. This course is designed to address those challenges, and provide guidance on how to successfully implement and evaluate health and safety. This course is designed as a workshop. Learners will be able to apply knowledge gained through real workplace scenarios, exercises, and case studies during the three-day course. All participants will be given health and safety related templates to take back to their workplace. Breakfast and lunch is provided!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and apply a system mentality
  • Discuss the importance of having a safety system
  • Identify and monitor key health and safety program gaps
  • Create action plans for improvement
  • Utilize tools to evaluate the success of your program

Target Audience

HR Professionals, Health and Safety Professionals, JHSC members


  1. Monitoring and Evaluating your Internal Responsibility System
  2. Identifying Key Safety Responsibilities
  3. Navigating and Interpreting Health and Safety Legislation
  4. Specific Program Development
  5. Getting the Most out of your JHSC
  6. Effective Hazard Management
  7. Safety Training and Safety Communication
  8. Incident Investigation and Reporting Requirements
  9. Defining Safety Culture