Hoist and Rigging Safety Training Online

Hoist and Rigging Safety Training Online

Hoists can be used for an endless variety of tasks, and can save employees the manual labor of attempting to lift heavy, or awkward loads by hand.

Course Duration
40 minutes



Find out how you can save 40% on average when compared to in-class training with tools to create any training.



Hoist and Rigging Safety Training covers the basic precautions and addresses the safe operation of hoists in the work environment. It conveys the best practices in working with hoists, it addresses safe working activities, legal requirements as well as recommendations to keep a safe work environment as well as ensure the safety and over well being of all workers.

Who Needs Hoist and Rigging Safety Training?

All workers and supervisors that work with or around hoists.

Course Outline

Dangers of hoists

  • Modes of injury
  • Definitions of key terms

Basic types of hoists

  • Manual
  • Electric

Operation guidelines

  • General
  • Engaging the load
  • Moving the load
  • Placing/Disengaging load

Inspection of hoists

  • Critical components
  • Specific components for inspection
  • Frequency
  • Documentation
  • Removing hoists from service
  • Testing

Maintenance, Standards and Regulations

  • Who will perform
  • What is required
  • Standards & Regulations relating to hoists

Injury prevention

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Perform Inspections and maintenance
  • Follow site-specific rules and procedures