Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms Training – Train-the-Trainer

Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms Training – Train-the-Trainer

Course Duration
1 day


Course Summary

Become an Aerial Work Platforms Trainer!

Learn how to train your workers to safely operate an aerial work platform.

When you become the trainer, you can train staff whenever needed.  If your organization would like to save money by handling aerial work platform training internally, invest in training for one qualified operator who can then train your entire staff! Organizations who train a high volume of workers, experience high turnover, or want to increase internal expertise will benefit from having a certified trainer in-house.

This one-day course will teach experienced operators the exact methods to train workers on how to safely operate an aerial work platform. Participants will experience a combination of theory and interactive, instructor-led role-playing exercises to give them the knowledge and skills to train others.

This course does not certify you to operate an aerial work platform. It is designed to teach experienced operators how to train others to operate the equipment and evaluate its use.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain to participants equipment and operator environment hazards
  • Provide participants with applicable legislation
  • Demonstrate to participants operating devices and controls
  • Explain to participants how to perform pre-operational inspections
  • Explain to participants safe operating practices
  • Verify that participants understand fuel source hazards
  • Verify that participants know how to apply fall protection techniques

Course content is based on CSA B354.2-01, B354.4-02

Course Material

We'll equip you with the tools and materials you need to start training others, including:

  • Leader Guide – a resource to help guide you while you lead training that includes speaking notes, prompts, tips, and more
  • 10 Participant Manuals to provide your learners with during your training
  • Access to our Instructor Portal so you can download the PowerPoint Presentation to help facilitate training at your workplace and place an order to restock your Participant Manuals

Target Audience

Designed for experienced aerial work platform operators, supervisors, and managers seeking to train their workers on the safe operation and use of aerial work platforms.


You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to take the Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms Train-the-Trainer course.

  • Completed Tools and Techniques for Adult Learning
  • Demonstrated competence by currently being certified to operate an aerial work platform or having held a certification in the past
  • Working at Heights Training certificate (must be issued through a CPO-approved training provider for those wishing to train in the construction industry)
  • Understand Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations