Safe Operation of Automotive Hoists Training Online

Safe Operation of Automotive Hoists Training Online

Course Duration
45 Minutes

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Course Summary

Automotive hoists are present in many businesses from auto repair shops to maintenance areas in manufacturing plants. There are many risks from falling vehicles and their components, to head injury while working under a vehicle.

Automotive Hoists will help you and your employees to identify these risks and understand the basic controls available to minimize those risks.

Course Outline

Types of hoists/lifts
  • Surface mounted
  • Moveable
  • In-ground lifts
Safe Lifting Procedures
  • General guidelines
  • Pre-lift inspection
  • Determining lift points
  • Lifting
  • Lowering and disengaging vehicle
Standards and controls
  • Standards and certifications
  • Engineering controls
  • PPE
  • Administrative controls

Who Needs Automotive Hoist Learning?

This training is intended for workers, managers, and supervisors in construction and the general industry.

Continuing Education Credits

HRPA has approved this course for CPD. Please contact us at 800.815.9980 to find out more.