Spills Response Training – On-site

Spills Response Training – On-site

Course Duration

4 hours



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Course Summary

Having a plan to deal with spills in the workplace helps to minimize the potential for harm. Our course provides site-specific, theoretical, and hands-on training to adequately prepare personnel to react quickly to spills in a safe manner.

Our course is also designed to provide participants with the ability to develop a spill response plan that would aid in a faster recovery from a spill situation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Discuss the importance of response planning
• Identify areas that contribute to spills
• Determine appropriate response levels
• Respond to a spill
• Identify spill prevention methods

Course Materials

Participant manual, test, record of attendance, and wall certificate.

Target Audience

Emergency responders, supervisors, JHSC members, and health and safety representatives

Legislative Reference

OHSA s.25(2)(a)

Continuing Education Credits

HRPA has approved this course for CPD. Please contact us at 800.815.9980 to find out more.