Steam Safety Awareness Training Online

Steam Safety Awareness Training Online

Workplaces around the world use steam to heat, dry, cook, sterilize, and generate power. Properly used, steam is one of the most efficient, cleanest, and safest sources of energy. But steam can also be dangerous and cause serious injuries and death.

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Steam Safety Awareness provides basic information for the purpose of increasing workers’ awareness of the dangers of steam and how they can protect themselves from harm.

Who Needs Steam Safety Awareness Learning?

Workers who work with or near steam and their supervisors.

Course Outline

Steam Basics

  • What steam is
  • How steam is formed
  • How steam is used
  • Standards and regulations

Industrial Uses of Steam

  • Industries
  • Uses

Hazards of Steam

  • Pressure and temperature
  • Other hazards
  • Injury/fatality cases

Protecting Workers

  • Safe and suitable equipment
  • Protective devices
  • Operating conditions
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Inspection and examination of equipment
  • Emergency plans and procedures