Stress at Work Training Online

Stress at Work Training Online

Stress can affect anyone. It can be caused by a job or by personal issues. This course deals with stress caused by work, what we will call job stress or work-related stress.

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Work-related stress is a major contributor to lost work time and illness. Individual and organizational changes can reduce stress and improve working conditions. Our Stress at Work training will provide you and your workforce with the understanding of where stress in the workplace starts, the signs and causes of stress, and how to successfully reduce stress at work.

Who Needs Stress at Work Learning?

All workers and supervisors.

Course Outline

About Stress on the Job

  • What is Work-Related Stress?
  • Impact of Job Stress
  • Long-term health effects
  • Organization

Signs of Stress

  • Workers
  • Organizations

Causes of Work-Related Stress

  • Worker characteristics
  • Working conditions
  • Combination of Characters and Conditions

Reducing Stress at Work

  • Stress Management
  • Organizational Change