WHMIS 2015 Healthcare Training Online

WHMIS 2015 Healthcare Training Online

WHMIS has been updated! It is now called WHMIS 2015. Up until this year, the WHMIS we’ve been using was technically called WHMIS 1988. The new WHMIS is known as WHMIS 2015 and now incorporates GHS (Globally Harmonized System).

What is GHS?

Canada has aligned the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). Many chemical products cross international borders every day and having a global system keeps us on the same page by ensuring we all understand/interpret the chemicals and hazardous materials in the same way.

WHMIS 2015 now has the best of both WHMIS training and GHS standards. Our course will help ensure that workers understand the hazards posed by chemicals they work with and other essential information. If your workers might come into contact with controlled substances or hazardous materials — you need this course not only for their safety, but to prove your due diligence as an employer should something happen.

Course Duration
45 minutes



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Handling hazardous materials incorrectly or without proper safety equipment, attention to detail, and extreme caution can have disastrous consequences in a work environment. That’s why the WHMIS, or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System was developed. Our WHMIS online safety training meets all Federal and Provincial requirements for WHMIS certification. WHMIS 2015 incorporates GHS (Globally Harmonized System) standards and at only 1 hr, our comprehensive online WHMIS course covers the following certified subject areas:

  • Module 1: Overview of WHMIS
  • Module 2: Hazard Classification
  • Module 3: Labels
  • Module 4: Safety Data Sheets
  • Module 5: Exposure to Hazardous Products
  • Module 6: Education and Training

Who Needs WHMIS for Healthcare Training Online?

Any worker who comes into contact, or could possibly come into contact, with controlled substances or products or hazardous materials covered under WHMIS should take this course.

Course Outline

Module 1. Overview of WHMIS

  1. Background
    1. Application
    2. Purpose
  2. WHMIS 2015
  3. GHS
  4. Responsibilities

Module 2. Classification

  1. Classification
  2. WHMIS building blocks
    1. Hazard groups
    2. Hazard classes
    3. Hazard categories
  3. 10 Pictograms

Module 3. Labels

  1. Product identifier
  2. Signal word
  3. Pictograms
  4. Hazard statements
  5. Supplier identification
  6. Precautionary statements

Module 4. Safety Data Sheets

  1. Importance of SDS
  2. 16 sections
  3. Standard order
  4. Responsibilities
  5. How to use

Module 5. Exposure to Hazardous Products

  1. Routes of entry
  2. Health effects
  3. Acute/chronic
  4. Latency period
  5. Local/systemic

Module 6. Education and Training

  1. Difference between education and training
  2. Education topics
  3. Training topics
  4. Workers who may need WHMIS education and training
  5. Refresher training


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