Safe Operation of a Forklift/Lift Truck Training

Safe Operation of a Forklift/Lift Truck Training

Distance Learning

$249 per person + cost of practical evaluation

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Course Summary

Lift trucks and mobile equipment accidents are preventable and unacceptable. Their widespread use requires that individuals working on, and around, lift trucks recognize hazards associated with the equipment and the environment in which lift trucks are operated. This comprehensive course gives particpants the knowledge and skills to competently operate lift-truck equipment.

Safe Operation of a Forklift/Lift Truck Training Distance Learning is online training led by a facilitator. Our experienced facilitators will guide participants through the course content and foster an environment in which learners can co-create knowledge in real-time. Participants will gain the knowledge required to identify hazards and, properly inspect and safely operate the equipment.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain competency requirements
  • Identify hazards
  • Discuss stability principles
  • Perform pre-operational checks
  • Follow safe operating procedures
  • Identify different fuel sources and hazards associated with them

This course is designed in accordance with CSA B335 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks.

Practical Skills Evaluation

To receive a certificate of competency, the participant must achieve a passing grade on the written in-class test and pass a practical skills evaluation. The evaluation fee is $75 per person for each evaluation. Additional charges may apply if multiple devices are evaluated and for evaluations required outside the 519, 548 and 226; 416, 437 and 647; and 289, 365 and 905 area codes.

Practical skills evaluations should be completed within 90 days of successfully passing the course.

For OSG to complete the practical equipment evaluation, the participant must ensure that:

  • They have had the minimum recommended experience on each piece of equipment they will be operating
  • Annual certification and inspection has been completed on the equipment that will be used for the evaluation
  • Equipment is in good working order

Who this course if for

Lift truck operators, supervisors, JHSC members, and Health & Safety representatives.


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